Drone Fonte da Telha

Cinematic Drone Shots – Fonte da Telha

Last 25th of April had the day off so i thought it would be a good day to invest some time in my DP skills (Director of Photography) and make some drone and cinematic shots of Fonte da Telha in Costa da Caparica. I used my DJI Mavic Air 2 drone. You can see the cinematic below and tell me in the comments what do you think! You can see more in my Youtube Channel too!

I’m going to star showing you more of this type of content, so be ready!

If you need some aerial shots, you can contact me and I will give you my rates!

Cinematic Short-film - "Fonte da Telha"

Thank you for watching! See you in the next post!

Written by André Peixinho

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